Rental Conditions


_____________, ___ ______________ 20_____


On the one hand, Riuyrabdells S.L.U. located in Denia (Alicante), post code 03700, street Patricio Ferrándiz 65, 5º, 3ª with C.I.F. B 03.422.482, represented by Mr. Salvador Aguilar Piera with N.I.F. 25.120.241D

 And on the other hand, Mr./Mrs. ______________________________________________________________ hereinafter the tenant, residing in ____________________________________________________________________, with ID Number ________________________________, telephone number _____________________________, email ________________________________________________________________, in his/her own name and rights


 I.- That Riuyrabdells S.L.U. is a company dedicated to the provision of services to dwelling/apartments.

 II.- That the guest has rented for tourist use the dwelling with reference number ________, located at ______________, address _______________________________________, with the land register reference number ______________________________ from ___ of __________ of 20___ to ___ of __________ of 20___.

III.- That the guest is interested in the mercantile company Riuyrabdells S.L.U. providing its services, and therefore both parties have decided to regulate these in accordance with the following


FIRST: The guest contracts these services on the dwelling rented for vacation use described in the second states

SECOND:  The contracted services consist:

  • Cleaning of the apartment before the entry and the departure of the guest
  • Supply and placement of bed linen and towels.
  • Reception of clients upon their arrival during working hours.
  • Attention to the guests during their stay in relation to their dwelling.

THIRD: In return for these services, the mercantile company Riuyrabdells S.L, will charge the amount of ­­­______ €, payable the day of the entry date.

FOURTH: Riuyrabdells S.L. will be responsible for all the labor obligations of the workers who provide the service, products and equipment used, as well as the planning, distribution and supervision of the work.

Having been read this document by both parties and in witness thereof, they sign it in duplicate at the place and date indicated in the heading.



____________, ___ ______________ 20___


On the one hand, as owner and landlord Mr./Mrs. __________________________________________, with ID number __________________, as the owner of the dwelling described in State I, hereinafter the landlord.

And on the other hand, as guest and tenant Mr./Mrs. __________________________________________, residing in ______________, __________________________________, with ID Number_________________, hereinafter the tenant.

Both parties recognise each other the legal capacity necessary to bind and formalize the LEASE AGREEMENT OF TURIST DWELLING, to which effect:


I.- That the landlord is the full owner of the following property:

URBAN with reference __________, located at ____________, address _________________________________. With the land register reference number ____________________________________________.

That the tenant is interested in renting the aforementioned property, to which the landlord agrees, and therefore they decide by mutual agreement to grant this lease, and they agree that it will be regulated by the following:


1.- Lease

The landlord agrees to lease this dwelling for a fixed term that it will be indicated in the second clause of this agreement.

The tenant agrees the rented dwelling described in the first statement of this agreement.

This lease constitutes a Holiday Lease provided in Article 3º.2 of Law 29/1994 on Urban Leases.

 2.- Duration

The lease of the dwelling is agreed for a term of ___ nights, that is from ___ of ____________ of 20___ to ___ of ____________ of 20___, being the first the date of entry and the second the date of exit.

The entry time will be from 5 p.m. of the entry date and the departure time will be before 10 a.m. of the departure date.

Once the conventional term established elapses, this agreement will be automatically terminated without the need for any notification from the landlord to the tenant or vice versa.

3.- Price and Form of payment

The rent to be paid by the tenant is fixed by mutual agreement in the amount of ____________ EUROS  (___________________________________________________- euros),  payable in advance of the entry date:

- a deposit of: _______________ € when signing this contract.

- the remaining amount of: __________________ € thirty days before the entry date.

This amount is not affected by the V.A.T unless it is declared by the tenant, in which case this amount will be increased by the corresponding taxes.

4.- Deposit

Both parties fix the amount of the deposit in ________euros, which it will have to be paid by the tenant before taking possession of the dwelling.

Within a period of the following seven days of the end of the lease agreement and the tenant’s departure, after the landlord has checked that the dwelling has not suffered any damage or defect during the rental period, the deposit will be given back to the tenant, except in case of damage, in which case it will be quantified and deducted from the deposit, without any prejudice to the fact that if the damages exceed the amount of the deposit, it may be claimed even in court.

5.- Obligations of the Tenant

The tenant declares to accept the condition of the dwelling as seen in the photographs from our websites by which the landlord advertises committing to:

- Keep the dwelling in perfect condition during the rental period stipulated by both parties

- Use in a convenient and reasonable way the means of comfort available to them (heating, air conditioning, …) and of the household appliances and furniture.

- Inform, as soon as possible, in case of breakdown, damage, or accident that could be in the dwelling during your stay. Repairs due to the use of the dwelling will be charged to the tenant, who assumes the obligation to carry them out at her own expense, in order to keep them always in perfect conditions for use and enjoyment. The tenant assumes the obligation to allow access to the landlord to the dwelling, his or her representatives, or any other worker who has to carry out repairs inside the dwelling, in order to check that the tenant fulfils diligently the obligations derived from this agreement.

- Do not disturb the neighbours,

- Respect the internal regulations of the dwelling, if it belongs to a community, residence or urbanization.

- The tenant must not make a copy of any of the keys of the rented dwelling.

- The dwelling is rented for a maximum number of ___ people. The tenant accepts not to exceed this number without express authorisation.

- Pets are forbidden in the rented dwelling without express authorisation.

6.- Obligations of the landlord

- To deliver the dwelling in perfect conditions for use, habitability, cleaning and security,

- To leave the electrical network and the supply of gas and water in perfect operating condition, and to indicate expressly to the tenant if its use is included or not in the price of the rent, indicated in the third clause of this agreement. In principle, if nothing is stated about the dwelling, the payment of appropriate supplies of services such as electricity, water, garbage collection, butane gas or similar, community charges will be paid by the landlord and, therefore, they are included in the price.

- To repair, as soon as possible, any possible breakdown or malfunction of domestic equipment essential to the comfort of the tenant. For the purpose of quantifying this type of damages, establishing as compensation at the rate of 20 euros per day the unwillingness to use the air conditioning of a piece of equipment and the refrigerator.

- To ensure that the tenant can enjoy a warm atmosphere during your stay, avoiding disturbing your tranquility during the rental period of the rented dwelling.

7.- Cession and Sublease

The sublease, total or partial, as well as the transfer of the rented dwelling by the tenant is strictly prohibited. The unfulfillment of this clause will end this agreement.

8.- Resolution

The tenant can:

Unilaterally cancel the lease agreement 30 days before the entry date with a penalty of 10% of the total stay. After that period, the penalty will be 100%

If the landlord unilaterally cancel the lease agreement, he or she must provide the tenant with an equal or better dwelling than the contracted dwelling, or refund the tenant the deposit already paid or the total amount of the lease of the dwelling already paid with a penalty of 20% of the amount paid at that time, within 7 calendar days of cancellation.

9.- Applicable Legislation

The parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts and tribunals of the place where the rented dwelling is located.

The laws of Spain are applicable and specifically the current Law of Urban Leases.

Having read this document by both parties and in witness thereof, they sign it in duplicate at the place and date indicated in the heading.